Ultra Care Pharmacy in Ottawa offers Certified Diabetes Education Services

Certified Diabetes Educator CDE


Raed Darras, Pharmacist and owner of Ultra Care Pharmacy, is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), who has been providing diabetes educational sessions, to healthcare professionals, patients, and their caregivers in Ottawa since 2013.

4 one-on-one diabetes education sessions:

Topics covered:

  1. Proper testing of sugar levels
  2. Diet and Diabetes
  3. Exercise and weight management
  4. Making your own plan and living with diabetes

We are ready to accommodate special requests of holding educational sessions about diabetes at your home or location privately or in a group setting.

Contact us for more information about diabetes education or to book an appointment.


Did you know?

The Scout DS is one of the latest Diabetes screening systems in the world. No poking, and no blood, and you may get the results in as little as 80 seconds.

The International Diabetes Conference in Vancouver from November 30th to December 5th, 2015