Phrmaceutical Compounding at Ultra Care Pharmacy

Pharmacy compounding is a specialty service that we offer, here, at Ultra Care Pharmacy to help patients with their specific needs in many fields, like dental, sport , paediatric , pain, mens’ health , HRT and flavour compounding.

Here are a few examples:


1.Changing dosage form tablets to liquid

When patients cannot swallow tablet or capsule, like children or after an oral surgery or gastric bypass, they will usually need to take their medications in liquid form. We can do that here at the pharmacy so that our customers can continue taking their medications without any discomfort or interruptions to their treatment.

2. Formulate oral medication in topical form to reduce stomach irritation:

Example: Non-steroidal anti-inflamatory for osteoarthritis some some injuries may be replaced with topical gel to work locally more effectively and no stomach irritation.

3. Magic mouthwash:

This combination is not available as pre-packaged mouthwash. It is a combination of 3-6 medication that work together as an anti-fungal, antibiotic and anti-infalmmatory and freezing agent at the same time, all combined in one mouthwash.

4. Medication discontinued by manufacturers:

There are hundreds of  medications discontinued  for financial reasons by manufacturers. A Compounding pharmacy may help making them if required by the prescriber and the patient. An example of a discontinued medication is Phenazopyridine, which is used as an analgesic for the urinary tract.

Furthermore, Back ordered medication may be prepared by the specialized pharmacy until available.




5. Hormone replacement therapy HRT: Doctors may inquire accurate doses customized for the patient’s need. Doses may increase or decrease according to laboratory results. Compounding pharmacy may prepare these hormones in topical or vaginal or oral preparation as prescribed and requested by patients.

6. Small doses not available:

When a doctor prescribes 18 mg of a medication available only in 50 mg for example. Compounding pharmacy may fill capsules in 18 mg exactly as prescribed.

7. Allergy solutions : Patients may have allergy to inactive ingredient of such as dies or preservatives. Compounding pharmacy may prepare the same medication without the unwanted inactive ingredients. 

8. Higher concentration if required such as in the case where doctors may prescribe topical anti-viral medication , but in higher concentration like a medication with an 8% dose of the medicinal ingredient, instead of the commercially-available 5% medication.

Compounding pharmacy may help.

9. A compounded medication can be a more effective medication.

Example: Nappy rash ointment with fast effective preparations.

Topical liquid for nail fungus ( Onychomycosis )

10. Mask bitterness of syrup or change flavour of a medication when required by the patient or their agent.

More about Compounding

What is Compounding?

Today, compounding is a regulated professional healthcare practice of mixing and preparing medications using medicinal compounds, as prescribed by the physician, (i.e. Medical doctor, pediatrician, or veterinarian) as a customized treatment that meets the patient’s specific needs or preferences.

Not all pharmacies or pharmacists qualify to prepare compounded medications. Compounding pharmacists follow specialized certification programs and undertake rigorous and regular training, in order to be certified to prepare compounds that meet the specific medicinal needs of their patients/clients and deliver the best treatment.

Ultra Care Compounding Pharmacy in Ottawa Compounding Service


1. Availability:

Sometimes, patients may not be able to find their usual medicine in regular pharmacies. This happens often due to a temporary shortage or a permanent discontinuation of certain medications by the manufacturers. In such cases, compounding pharmacies can help create the unavailable medication for the patient to avoid an interruption of their treatment.

2. Effectiveness:

Limited dosage options and combinations of available medications in the market, can render the treatment less effective for some patients. Compounding allows for customized dosage that meets the specific needs of the patient, resulting in a better and more effective treatment. Moreover, it permits the change of the form of the medicine to ensure a bette

3. Ease and Acceptance:

Compounding can make certain medications easier to administer and more agreeable to the patient. This will improve the healing process, increase compliance and result in a better treatment and experience.

4. Speed:

A compounded medication can be created to set a customized release of the medicinal ingredients Pharmaceutical compounding allows for the customization of the speed of release of the medicinal ingredients in a compounded medication.

5. Safety:

A higher degree of drug customization means safer treatments:


The compounding pharmacist can prepare a medication that is free from any allergens to their treated patient. Common allergens in medications include sugar, coloring and preservative agents and lactose.


Mass produced medications come in specific doses. Compounding can help create the same medication personalized dosage for the patient. this is especially true for infant formulas.

Side Effects:

Medications can have varying side effects on different individuals. medication compounding helps design customized medications to alleviate


Uses & Applications of Compounding

Compounding is an important and valuable healthcare discipline that is applied in many ways and is used for many therapeutic purposes:


Medication Flavouring

Pain Management

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)





Compounding Applications Sports, Dental Veterinary Flavouring Pain Management Paediatric - Ultra Care Compounding Pharmacy in Ottawa
Sports, Dental Veterinary, Flavouring, Pain & Paediatric

For various reasons, many people and sometimes even pets cannot use the commercially available medications. Here are a few examples:

Medication Forms - Ultra Care Compounding Pharmacy in Ottawa


The right dosage may not be readily available in the market, and compounding makes it possible to prepare the medication in the precise dosage specified for the patient like the small dosages in liquid forms prepared for infants.


Some have difficulty swallowing pills. A compounding pharmacist can prepare an equally effective treatment in a liquid form, chewable tablets, or even a transdermal cream.  With the expertise of an experienced compounding pharmacist, the possibilities are open. 



The medication taste may not be tolerated by some patients. Medicinal compounding allows for the preparation of a medication with an agreeable flavor.

To learn more whether compounding is for you, or how it can help you or your loved ones, we welcome you to your local Ultra Care Pharmacy here in Ottawa. Or you can simply give us a call and we will be happy to help.


Ultra Care, Your local Compounding Pharmacy in Ottawa:

Your treatment is not commercially produced, or contains a component that you are allergic to? No problem! Ultra Care Pharmacy provides certified compounding services that can meet the specific medicinal needs of children, adults, and even pets!