What Are Compression Stockings ?

Compression Stockings are specialized medical garments that cover the feet and legs, used to prevent as well as treat several conditions that affect the veins in our legs. Such conditions include varicose veins, edema (an excess accumulation of fluids in our body tissues), coagulation or clotting of the blood in the veins, as well as other inflammatory conditions that may affect the legs.

Wearing compression stockings promotes stronger and healthier legs, enhanced mobility and a better quality of life.

Are medical compression stockings for me?

Health care professionals recommend compression stockings to people whose work requires you to be sitting or standing on your feet, or be exposed to heat for extended periods of time.

You should consult a compression stocking specialist and fitter if your if your legs are showing signs of inflammation or varicose veins.

Healthy people can use compression stockings to ensure a healthier blood circulation in their legs and prevent or delay the onset of swelling, discomfort, and other leg-related symptoms.

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7 Expert Tips For Healthier Legs:


  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. You may improve your circulation with physical activity as a short walk.
excessive standing or sitting can hurt your legs.
Excessive standing or sitting can hurt your legs.


  • Avoid exposure to the sun and other heat sources such as a hot bath or sauna for long periods. Such exposure may cause the dilation and swelling of your veins. After a long hot day,  refresh your legs with a cool shower or bath.

  • Lift your legs to improve the natural blood circulation in your body. Elevate them while sitting at the office using a footrest or while lying in bed using a pillow.

  • Exercise regularly. Working out improves circulation. Regular exercise that engages the legs or the entire body helps promote better health.
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Healthier legs means better quality of life and longevity


  • Control your weight. A low salt diet will help prevent swelling caused by water retention. Eating healthy and keeping a balanced diet, combined with regular exercise, helps delay or even prevent swelling and other leg problems.

  • Wear low heel or flat shoes, and comfortable clothes. High-heeled shoes put a strain on your calf muscles and tight clothes prevent a natural blood circulation.
Wear Low-heeled comfy shoes for better muscle support and healthy legs
  • Medical compression stockings or socks can reduce the risk or deterioration of varicose veins symptoms including swelling and discomfort by improving blood circulation in the legs and body.

A final tip: Always wear your compression hose when traveling for long periods.

Wearing Compression Stockings when traveling reduces swelling and discomfort

5 Benefits of Compression Stockings

Long stockings

Compression stockings have multiple benefits that can improve mobility and general health.

Wearing medical stockings can:

  1. Provide improved blood circulation in the legs and body.
  2. Ensure better support for your legs’ muscles.
  3. Promote comfort and better mobility.
  4. Prevent swelling and other foot and leg problems.
  5. Improve symptoms of varicose veins, a common condition that affects the legs.


Healthy Legs, in Style.


Choose your compression socks or stockings from a variety of brands, styles, and colors.

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